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So you want to know what you do with this page...


The purpose of this page:

The purpose of this web page is to allow you to create a ride calendar to your precise requirements.

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Reasons why you would use this page:

There are many possible reasons for wanting to generate your own ride claendar:

  • You only want to see rides in your state.
  • You only want to see rides for a particular date.
  • You only want to to see rides for a particular time period (a month or a week)./
  • Your printer doesn''t print the fancy fonts and so on, so you need an ASCII-type calendar
  • You don't like the time it takes to download the bigger 'standard' calendars.

Here's how you generate your very own 'custom calendar' .

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Info about entering dates

There are many ways to enter the dates. Basically, the system expects the month, followed by the day, followed by the year. The month should consist of at least the first 3 letters of the month: i.e., jan, mar, aug, etc. (the system is case INsensitive here.)

When the year is present, it needs to be separated from the day, either by a comma, or by a space: i.e., Jan1,1996, or october 23 96.

The word "today" is understood to mean "today".

As of 21 March, 1999, some additional "keywords" have been added to the date routine.
In the to field, you may specify relative dates, meaning dates relative to the date in the from field. Dates may be [from] plus: 1 month, 2 months, 3 months ... 12 months, 1 year or 2 years.
For example, If you'd like to see the rides for the next 2 months:

  • in the from field you'd specify: 'today'
  • in the to field you'd specify: 'plus2months'
These are the exact possible relative dates which the system will understand:
  • plus1month
  • plus2month or plus2months
  • plus3month or plus3months
  • plus4month or plus4months
  • plus5month or plus5months
  • plus6month or plus6months
  • plus7month or plus7months
  • plus8month or plus8months
  • plus9month or plus9months
  • plus10month or plus10months
  • plus11month or plus11months
  • plus12month or plus12months
  • plus1year
  • plus2year or plus2years

For example, legal dates include:

		today      = today's date
		July 15 96 = July 15, 1996
		oct22,1996   = October 22, 1996

The system will also accept dates in the form YYYYMMDD, so: 19961231 19970320 are also legal.

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What a 'custom calendar' is:

a Custom Ride Calendar is a ride calendar that is generated from the choices presented in the form, not including the "generate personalized ride calendar checkbox". This means that the generated ride calendar will contain rides determined by your form selections: i.e.:

  • If you only select Washington state, you will get all the rides in Washington state from today through the end of the year.
  • If you select only the CT region, you will get rides in the Central region from today through the end of the year.
  • If you select the CT region and Washington state, you won't get any rides, as all the selected criteria must be met for a ride to be included in the generated calendar.

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Information about the "plain ascii report"

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